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New Art 

"Karner Karma"

Watercolor 14 x 22"


The endangered Karner Blue butterfly is a mere 1/2" across at adult size. It survives as a nymph only on the wild blue lupine which has very little wild range left. These males are of the age where they can feed on the nectar of all flowers. 

"Spring's Awakening"

Watercolor 10x22 


The fiddleheads are opening, welcomed by trilliums, a jack-in-the-pulpit, tree frog and the Western White butterfly.

"Spring's Awakening II"

Watercolor 10x22


The fiddleheads are unfurling among the trilliums and jack-in-the pulpit. A winsom tree frog rests as the karner blue butterflies dance above his head.

"Checking out the New Chick"

Watercolor 11 x 14


Mr. Wonderful has his eye on one of the new is in the air!

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