Portraits by Sherri Anderson

"A Man and His Dog" oil on canvas 20 x 24 Commissioned by Blaine Byerly of Livingston, TX. Blaine's dog, Smitty, was his faithful Rottweiler companion for many years and the bond between a man and his dog doesn't end just because his life did. Blaine sent me photos of Smith and some of the favorite places they visited when they lived in Alaska. He said Smith loved the mountains and, "could you paint me in there with him"? Yes, sir! The portrait was completed by using a number of reference photos and especially the photo of Blaine taking a sun break. We thought Smitty would be always be guarding his master in this pose. The Alaskan mountains and colorful uplands in the background will be a lasting reminder of their time together.






"Portrait of Wendy" oil on canvas 24x36"







"Portrait of Donna" oil on canvas 20x24. Commissioned.

"Chief Archie Mosay" Traditional Chief of the Chippewa Band Ojibway. 


I was honored to have had the opportunity to paint Chief Mosay's portrait. 




"Henry and Kate"

oil on canvas


This one of the most popular paintings I have ever done. It was based on their characters in the movie "Golden Pond" and is instantly recognizable.